BLERD Photochop Contest Finalists!!!

When I started this contest I wasn't sure how it would go. This being my 1st contest of this nature, it was a lot of fun and I have learned 2 things:

  1. People like contests.
  2. People can't follow rules.

More than half of the entries to my BLERD Photochop contest cannot be posted because men would rather use their awesome photo-manipulation skills to create XXX masturbation pieces instead of masterpieces. Oh well. Next time I may extend the deadline because I know that was also an issue for some.

That being said, in no particular order here are the awesome finalists below!!!! Leave your comments below(I'm not judging based on # of comments but it's always cool to know what yall think), and follow the entrants and @PlanetBLERD on Twitter. I will be announcing the winners soon!

Commander Veasley: Me on deck as a Star Trek officer by @MrMess

CyberVan2: VV escapes from a fembot factory by @MrFergusonsSon

Super V: An entry all the way from South Africa by @SU_icide


Space x Super Mario x Vanessa Veasley by @vitamindon

The BLERD Strikes Back: A theatrical poster feat. Black Mamba & cameltoe by @DreamGirlsCEO


Starfleet: I was styled in this authentic uniform by @ryo80

Black Bird Beauty: A fantasy world where women have wings by @MrFergusonsSon


  1. DreamGirlsCEO says:


  2. Thomas G says:

    'Starfleet' is definitely my fav for execution, 'Commander V' gets points for concept.

  3. Dan Baker says:

    Starfleet..far and away..

  4. Anthony C. says:

    A lot of nice entries (lmao @ the one with Kobe in the background) but Starfleet is my favorite.

  5. Drew says:

    I'ma go with Thomas. As a former Photoshop professional, concept is VERY important but execution is EVERYTHING. Starfleet far and away. Executed better, Super V would have a stronger contender and possible winner...

  6. Reggie G. (Da Artist) says:

    As a artist I think all of them are tight, but Ima have to go with.."the BLERD strikes back" DreamGirlsCEO.

  7. Vanessa Veasley, Blerd Photochopped. For Great Justice! | Sport Girls - says:

    [...] Vanessa has posted the finalists to her blog and we just gotta say — beatable. Some nice efforts, but all totally beatable. [...]


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