WTF is a BLERD? (My Definition is the Only One That Matters)



In its simplest definition, a BLERD is a Black or Brown(Latino) nerd. However, a BLERD can be of any ethnicity if they embrace and celebrate both Urban and Geek cultures.

BLERDs by nature aren't typically as extreme as true geeks. To qualify as an authentic geek, one must naturally be obsessive and specialize in a specific sub-category of geekdom(Tech, Finance, Comics, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Cosplay, Art, Gaming, etc.)

BLERDs on the converse, may have several geeky interests without one particular specialization. On the scale between concentration and conformity, BLERDs on average fall somewhere in the middle, yet still outside of the mainstream.

BLERDs freely express their "less-than-cool" interests without fear of losing street cred or facing social alienation from the popular crowd. But let's face it; these days it's becoming evermore hip to be square. Members of the "it crowd" are googling factoids and ordering non-prescription lenses to join our legion faster than I can type.

Most importantly, the word "BLERD" is not derogatory. Own it! I do!


  1. Shawn Jackson says:

    I'm a Blerd and I'm PROUD!!!!!!!

  2. BLERD Of The Week: Aisha Tyler | Blerd By Vanessa Veasley says:

    [...] and beautiful brown face and modelesque frame. When I think of the female prototype of a BLERD, she is one of the first names that comes to [...]

  3. gilly says:

    being a slavish fan of the gorgeousness that is Aisha Tyler (since her talk soup days) I am, of course, following her on twitter. She linked to her selection as BLERD of the week and, not knowing what that was, looked here.

    having now gained knowledge, I would like to say YOU ROCK. I'm not just white but actually half Irish, so... super white? but I will follow your site for one main reason: women still don't have enough of a voice in geek/nerd culture and you're just plain awesome. your awesomeness accounts for the next several reasons.
    in closing, well done!!!!!

    • admin says:

      Thank you! You are welcome here any time!!! *hugs* -VV


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